"if I'm going to be married, I want to be very married"

- Audrey Hepburn

Hey, I'm Elizabeth. But you can call me Liz. I have three adorable little girls and basically the most amazing husband on the planet. We are fixing up our little red brick 1950's Cape Cod bungalow and trying to survive the chaos three children brings, so usually our house is pretty loud. We moved to Wisconsin from Phoenix (crazy, we know) and have absolutely fallen in love with winters and living so close to the beach. Marriage and motherhood have made me an adventurer, but you'll find me happiest with an iced coffee and a good book...preferably in yoga pants and a messy bun.


Growing up I played basketball. Not just played, I lived basketball. I gave 100% of myself in pure hustle and heart to win a spot on my high schools varsity team as a freshman. That year, our coach, my mentor, was diagnosed with cancer and had to step down. He was still very much a part of our team, and going into our state championship game he played a song for us; "You Only Get What You Give" by the New Radicals. Over 15 years later, his speech and that song still touch so many parts of my life. My marriage, approach to motherhood,  my photography, and growing my business has been shaped around giving my all. I often think back to Coach D and think about all the sacrifices he made for our team of girls to follow our dreams, and strive to honor that every single day.


I believe in telling stories. Those quiet moments of anticipation before a bride walks down the aisle. Watching a mother tear up during the father-daughter dance. That small moment where a groom lets his guard down and looks adoringly at his lady, thats where stories are told. I believe in preserving these moments with joy. This is your history.

My goal for every couple is to create something that lasts. Classic and romantic wedding images for generations to come. It's so important to me that you love your photos, and that you can see the love and joy that you have for each other in them. 

Why Film?

I sometimes get asked why I shoot on film as well as digitally. In one word - timeless. I love the timeless look that film affords me and my edits reflect a soft yet still colorful style. Each has a special place in my workflow.

It's good guys, so so good.



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Hourly Collections begin at $3200. All hourly collections begin at 8 hours.

Tailored Wedding Day Collections begin at $3500 and include coverage to match your unique wedding, as well as a second photographer, engagement session and a gorgeous keepsake box with 100 4x6 linen fine art prints.


The EHP Bride

wants her marriage to be more beautiful than her wedding day.

The EHP Bride

is a hopeless romantic

The EHP Bride

loves handwritten vows

The EHP Bride

choses venues with history

includes details that remind
her of her family into her day

The EHP Bride

The EHP Bride

knows classic style is always in

values authentic moments

The EHP Bride

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