Hey y'all! I'm Liz and I'm the lead photographer and founder of Elizabeth Haase Photography. I'm the wife to Andrew, and mama to three beautiful girls. I grew up on the shores of Long Island and in the deserts of Phoenix and currently call Milwaukee home. I absolutely living on the "fresh coast" and am so happy to be raising my girls in such a wonderful community. Fun fact about me, I went to school to be a teacher and hold a M.Ed in Elementary Studies. Behind a camera has always been the place I feel the most comfortable, and in 2010 I chased this crazy dream of mine. I'm so happy I followed my heart! When I was growing up, I was the girl always sketching wedding gowns in her notebooks and teaching an imaginary class under the willow tree in our front yard, so I definitely grew up right where I was supposed to be.

I love teaching, when I'm not shooting weddings I'm volunteering as much as I can in my children's classrooms or leading the Milwaukee chapter of the Rising Tide Society, a community of creative business owners that believes in the spirit of community over competition. I also offer mentoring and workshops a few times a year, there's something so beautiful about sharing knowledge and learning something new!

My favorite part of a wedding day is right after the bride and groom get ready and see themselves for the first time, there are so many jitters and nervous giggles. Going through wedding images, they always make me pause with a happy smile on my face!

meet elizabeth

there's always time
for a coffee break

I usually have 3-4 different notebooks going at any
 given time.

I can't help adding movie quotes into a normal conversation

I love all things Harry Potter, and I'm a proud ravenclaw.

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